The church in Arnold, Nottingham is made up of a rich variety of churches and people.

If you've never been to church or don't really know what it's all about then please feel free to contact one of the churches and ask us any questions

Arnold Methodist Church (Front Street)

Website.     Phone: (0115) 9266828

Church of the God of Prophecy (Church Drive)

Church of the Good Shepherd (Thackerys Lane)

Website.      Phone: (0115) 926 8288    

Daybrook Baptist Church (Mansfield Road)

Phone: (0115) 9269432 

Eagles Nest Church (Redhill School)

Website.      Phone: (0115) 9552421

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church (Furlong Ave)

The King's Church (Shirley Drive)

Website.     Phone: (0115) 9679997

St Mary’s (Church Lane)

Website.      Phone: (0115) 9209848

St Paul's with St Timothy's (Mansfield Road)

Phone: (0115) 9262686

Salvation Army (High Street)

Website.      Phone: (0115) 9208800