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Promoting the CHURCH

in Arnold,



The church in Arnold, Nottingham is doing much to serve the local community.  To find out what each church is doing have a look at their websites.

Here are some of the things the church in Arnold does together.

  • Arnold Carnival
  • Church on the Streets
  • Christian Listening Point
  • ACT Call to prayer
  • Easter and Christmas Events
  • Arnold Foodbank

Arnold Carnival:

Every summer ACT gets involved in the excellent Arnold Carnival in Arnot Hill Park. In the past we have run a craft tent for children, run a youth tent for teenagers (including free nail art, t-shirt design and grafitti board), run a football cage for young people, provided a Listening Point service (to listen to people’s problems and worries and to pray), run the Sunday morning CHURCH in the park and the afternoon PRAISE in the Park services.


CHURCH on the Streets:

Need healing? Want to receive prayer?

Come along on a Saturday morning (from 10am) and join us at the top of the market outside the Methodist Church, and some of the team will pray for you - you'll recognise them as they will have ACT badges on.

ACT Call to Prayer:

Three times a year, the local Christians in Arnold have gathered to pray for and bless our town. During these nights, we have prayed for the local businesses, the local churches, the young people of our community, and the vulnerable in our community.


Easter and Christmas Events:

At Easter and Christmas (two major events in the Christian calendar) the churches come together to celebrate all that God has done for us.

At Christmas, the churches gather to sing carols (hopefully cheering up the passing shoppers)

At Easter we hold Good Friday gathering (in the market) and a sunrise service (at 6am!) on Easter Sunday in Arnot Hill Park.

To find out more about who Jesus was and how is life has changed our world, go to the contact page.


Practical help:

Many of the churches offer help and support to you in practical ways, see our help page for more details of some of these.